Victor Osaikh - Entrepreneur | Online/Infopreneur | Network Marketer | Health enthusiast | Mentor | Coach | and member of the Millionaires Club of Alliance in Motion Global. He trains, coaches and mentors people throughout the world, who wants to take charge of their lives and positively impact the lives of others. As a retired underachiever in the corporate world of traditional business, he has achieved a great deal in terms of amassing great wealth through the proven system of AIM Global and is set to share the light with ordinary people who are open minded and can catch the vision of the great system of AIM Global. He is a righteous Son of God with eternal life. He love sports, exercise and good food.
No 2, Ademiluyi Street, Bodija Ibadan, Nigeria
+2347053328670 (WhatsApp) +447031976876

AIM Global business is indeed the business of the 21st Century as its helping thousands of ordinary people who are already excited about their future using our program. We hope that you, like them will be able to catch the vision and make a quality decision to join us and together we can achieve your dreams through this clear plan.