AMS Group.

We are engaged in R&D from the perspectives of preventive medicine and naturalism, with the aim of allowing our customers to live out everyone’s dreams of “living a long healthy life” and “being beautiful.”

Our purpose is to contribute to the creation of a bright and sound society of healthy, long-living people through the production of quality dietary supplements and natural cosmetics. AFC-HD AMS Life Science Co.,Ltd. AFC-HD AMS Life Science is a general OEM ( original equipment manufacturing ) manufacturer that delivers quality products to meet the entire spectrum of customer needs.

Its thoroughly customer-centric sales force, Product Planning Department and Development Department, both of which comprise highly professional staff members, and Production Department, which is based on a reliable quality assurance system that renders the company a GMP-certified dietary supplement manufacturer, work together to produce safe and quality products with a strong sense of responsibility, in close coordination with individual customers.

Relationships of trust built between us and our customers are what matter most to us, and are what we mean by “faith,” as an OEM manufacturer of dietary supplements and natural cosmetics.

AFC-HD AMS Life Science Co., Ltd., a general OEM (original equipment manufacturing) manufacture, are possible to correspond to each customer’s various demands adequately by using “AMS Power”. “AMS Power” is a corporate posture to make customer’s “dream” comes true which unite cooperate with the sales and marketing department devoted to customer-centric, product planning and development department concentrated professional staffs and production department had pharmaceutical level of quality control system. We believe that for this confidential relationship is an important power source to lead our company to the future and engage offering certain products to you. 

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AIM Global business is indeed the business of the 21st Century as its helping thousands of ordinary people who are already excited about their future using our program. We hope that you, like them will be able to catch the vision and make a quality decision to join us and together we can achieve your dreams through this clear plan.